Sponsor Us

It costs a lot to keep our vessels safe and up to date, to run our office, and to provide the service we do. Every penny of support we receive is money we don’t have to ask our beneficiaries to fund, and so is greatly appreciated.

To find out more about why we’re worth supporting and find out more about what we do, take a look at our mission and the impact it has.

Sponsorship Ideas

Donate to our Wider Horizons Fund

Our Wider Horizons fund is there to help people who can’t afford an adventure. Each donation we receive helps take young people sailing who would have no chance of joining an adventure without financial assistance, and it directly helps them gain valuable life skills.

Donate to our £10k projects

We always have a few big projects planned at any one time, most of which require around £10k of funding. Examples include engine replacements for our boats, hiring a professional skipper to expand our programme, and upgrading our navigation equipment.

Sponsor a Voyage

Your donation could cover the costs of running a weekend or week long voyage. Each voyage costs us about £750 per day to run, so your sponsorship could allow us to offer it to our beneficiaries free.

Sponsor our overheads

There are things that really can make the difference to the experience of our beneficiaries. It can be as simple as ensuring they are wearing good quality waterproof to keep them warm and dry at sea, or one of our very recognisable “It’s My Adventure” tee -shirts to remember the voyage by. Costs like these all add up. Sponsoring items like these means your generosity will have an impact on every person who sails with us.