Here are some common questions people have about OFFSHORE and sailing adventures with us.

Will the other people all know eachother?

If you booked an individual space on our summer adventure voyages, you probably won’t know anyone. But don’t worry, normally it will be exactly the same for everyone else. Most of our summer voyages are booked by people on their own. We think that’s great though because it’s a great chance to meet new people and make new friends!

Will I get my own cabin?

No – space on board the boat is limited so all participants sleep in bunkrooms with up to three other people. You will get your own bed though! It’s not just you though – even the skipper and 1st mate have to share a cabin between them.

My voyage starts abroad – are flights included in the cost?

No – flights are not included in the voyage cost. You will need to arrange these yourself but the office can advise which routes other members of the crew have booked on to. We try to ensure young people meet other members of the crew at the airport so they can travel together. Where possible we have a member of our seas staff on our recommended flights too. We advise you not to book travel until your place on the voyage is confirmed.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No you don’t.  Whilst the boat is at sea, everyone (whether they can swim or not) has to wear a lifejacket to keep them afloat if they fall in. We find people tend to stay on the boat though!

Do I need sailing experience to join in?

Absolutely not – all our weekend and summer adventures are open to people with no previous experience. You will be given all the training you need when you join the boat for your adventure.