Life Aboard

Our adventures are about much more than just sailing. You will be a full member of the crew and that also involves helping out with cooking, cleaning, and other domestic chores.


All food for your voyage is included and our sea-staff have food hygiene certificates. We can cater for all dietary requirements and allergies – just let us know what we need to avoid! You will get to take a turn at preparing a meal for the whole crew – with a bit of guidance from our sea-staff.


On explorer voyages and tall ships races, you might be at out sea continuously for a few days in a row. You’ll be divided into two teams or “watches” who will take turns on duty sailing the boat. Each of our watches is lead by one of our sea staff. When you’re on watch, you might be steering, keeping a lookout, or helping prepare a meal.


Our boats sleep up to 11, in 3 separate areas. You will get your own bunk in a cabin and some space to store your kit. You’ll be sharing the cabin with up to 3 other people – so it’s important to be tidy! Sometimes we sail through the night and your team, or watch, will work in shifts with the other watch to take turns sailing the boat in the night whilst the other watch is asleep.

Down Time

When we’re in port, there are still some jobs to do, but otherwise your time is your own. Aboard ship, people relax in the main saloon area. Depending on where the boat is moored, you may be allowed some time ashore to explore the area.