Our Mission

Our charitable goal is to provide, through the medium of sail training, opportunities for young people and vulnerable adults to discover their sense of adventure, in the process developing transferrable skills that will aid their educational, personal and social development.

The Environment

Life at sea is unfamiliar and testing, helping to build personal resilience and broaden participants’ horizons, as well as the courage to push beyond one’s own comfort zone. Being in such a challenging environment breaks down boundaries, creates parity between people of different backgrounds, and enhances the sense of accomplishment at the end of any activity. This often gives participants a greater sense of self-belief and purpose as they discover what they are capable of.

The skills

Teamwork aboard ship is essential, as activities such as hoisting a sail require the crew to pull together. Other activities see crew fulfilling different roles such as one steering and another keeping a lookout, which require trust and good communication between all involved. There is a great emphasis on personal responsibility, often through simple things like being expected to wake up and be ready on deck to take an overnight watch. A similar emphasis is placed on collective responsibility, with the crew on a rota for preparing food and cleaning. These behaviours can help trainees’ employability and are equally important or social development and for day to day living.