Youth Adventures

14-24 years: Most of our adventure voyages are designed for you! Join us for an exciting opportunity to try something new; to meet new people; to venture a little way out of your comfort zone, and to gain valuable life skills.

Voyages that might suit you include: The Tall Ships Races (16-24 years), Summer Explorer Programme or Weekend “Catalyst” Voyages (for group bookings).

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4 Reasons you should come sailing!


We believe the best way to grow as a person is to challenge yourself by doing something new. Discover what you are capable of achieving: You can be responsible for steering the boat, controlling the sails or keeping a lookout, even at night or in wild and windy weather!


It’s not an adventure without friends. Our summer voyages for individuals are a great way to make lifelong friendships. You’ll be living together in close quarters, so it’s excellent experience in accepting differences and learning how to get along!

Personal Development

All of our adventures involve resilience, communication, teamwork, leadership, and much much more. These are all “soft skills” that greatly boost your employability and can’t be learned in a classroom! We think there is no better way to develop them than by venturing outside your comfort zone, whilst doing something new and exciting.


By participating in any of our voyages, you can work towards internationally accredited Royal Yachting Association sailing qualifications. Joining a weekend voyage counts towards the RYA “Start Yachting” certificate. Participating in week-long voyages can earn you an RYA “Competent Crew” or a longer voyage an RYA “Watch Leader” certificate. Our week long voyages also count for your Duke of Edinburgh award Gold Residential.