What we do

OFFSHORE is a charity that was founded in 1964. We have been providing life-changing sailing adventures for over 50 years!

Our aim is simple; help young people discover their sense of adventure! In the process participants develop a wide range of transferable skills that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

We run residential sailing voyages for young people and vulnerable adults. Our beneficiaries form an integral part of the crew and participate in all activities aboard. This includes working together to sail the boat, and also being responsible for the domestic chores such as cooking and cleaning.

Resilience, communication skills, teamwork, confidence, respect for others are just a few of the skills that are developed whilst sailing and living on board a yacht at sea.

Young People

Most people who sail with us are aged between 10 and 24 and still in their formative years. This means the skills we teach and the sense of adventure we inspire will last a lifetime.


We also run voyages for adults where we think there’s an opportunity to help them grow. This could be people who haven’t already had the chance to gain the skills our voyages offer.

Find out more about our mission here.