Help With Funding

Let's talk about the cost of all this adventuring...

Really want to give this a go? No money?
If you are keen to come, we are keen to help make it happen!

Voyages cost about £100 per person per day to run, but our fundraising ensures that as little of this as possible is passed on. If you can’t afford our voyage fees, our bursary scheme is there is there to help get you afloat. We don’t want anyone to miss the chance of an adventure. Just ask the office for an application form. We offer two types of bursaries and a combination of them could mean your adventure is free!

Wider Horizons

Our wider horizons fund is open to everyone between the ages of 15-25. The clue is in the name – we ask applicants to show how the trip will widen their horizons.

Access Fund

Our access fund reflects the fact that sailing has always been seen as a middle class pursuit and we want to offer equal access to all. This fund is for people who are working to overcome a disadvantaged background.

Please contact our office to discuss how we might be able to help you fund your adventure.