Jack – Explorer

I had a fantastic experience as I got to develop new skills and build off old ones. Furthermore, I got to know new people as well as spending time with them in harbour. The skipper, first mate and second mate made it a brilliant time for me. Although the watches were quite tiring, it gave […]

Kenny – Explorer

It was a completely new experience for me, and to meet new people. My fellow crew members were really nice and we got along very well. I was unconfident with helming at the start of the week, but by the end I really enjoyed it and felt a lot more confident. I would love to […]

Eloise – Explorer

It was unlike any other sailing I’d done before, but I really enjoyed meeting lots of new people – both my new crew members and those of other boats – and learning to helm. I feel that I am now more confident with sailing to windward and I learnt many life skills.

Emily – Young Sea Staff

I had an amazing experience and I feel like I’ve become a better, more well-rounded person since the sail. The experience made me more confident in the way I socialise with others and more socially-aware too. I made lots of friends, including some from other countries! I’ll always remember this life-changing adventure! Thanks again for […]

Linden – Young Sea Staff

I have had an amazing time with Offshore. I have had access to some amazing opportunities and the skills I’ve learnt through the Young Sea Staff scheme will stay with me for life. My experience sailing I use on my CV and is a great talking point at job interviews. I can’t wait to have […]