Tall Ships Races- betweeen 16-24 years old

Key Points:
• Join the world’s largest international sail training event.
•Race against other tall ships with youth crews.
• No sailing experience needed.



Our most intrepid voyages for those seeking maximum fun and adventure.

Every year we join the iconic tall ships races and compete against other sail training boats. You will be racing our boat against loads of other sail training ships, all crewed by people just like you.

The races can be long, involving almost a week at sea, but in each port the fleet visits there is  an amazing programme of shore events to welcome you.  Join in with a crew parade, crew party and watch the spectacular closing fireworks before sailing off in a parade of sail. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people your age from all over the world.

Most of these voyages involve flights  from the UK to join the boat in a foreign port. We do our best to ensure you all travel together on the same flight so you have some ready made friends by the time you set foot on board.

We recognise that sailing in a Tall Ships Race is going to cost more than the average adventure. If this seems like your idea of  the best adventure ever, but it’s way beyond your budget please get in touch as early as possible. There are a number of funds that we can suggest you apply to which are there to help young people finance one of these amazing voyages.

We guarantee you will remember your Tall Ships Race for ever!

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